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"The Bridge House Theatre continues to be a theatrical powerhouse in South East London"
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Current Shows

09 - 20 Jul


The 100 Year Old Letter

14 July


Off The Page

15 Jul


Drag Bingo!

23 Jul - 03 Aug


Swan Song

24 - 28 Sep



15 - 19 Oct


Idle Women

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Our Theatre

The Bridge House Theatre opened in 2014 and JLA Productions relaunched it in 2021 with Artistic Director, Luke Adamson and Associate Director, Joseph Lindoe. Our programme features shows from established small-scale companies as well as offering opportunities for emerging theatre-makers. The shows are entertaining and socially conscious and all offer opportunities to, and representation of, groups that are traditionally underrepresented in the theatre world. This includes but is not limited to: Working class artists, Artists from the Global Majority, Non binary or gender fluid artists, LGBTQ+ Artists and the Neuro-divergent community.
"such an amazing theatre filled with the most supportive, wonderful people" - Nieve Hearity, Mummylogues 2021

The Space

Our 50 seat black box theatre is configured in a thrust layout with a playing space of approximately 4.5m wide by 3.5m deep. 

Our seating is comfortable flip up seats so no numb bums here!

The space is intimate yet not small and provides a wonderfully immersive atmosphere. 

For more information about our theatre please feel free to email

We look forward to welcoming you soon!
"This venue has been doing wonders in bringing more fringe theatre to south of the river" - Everything Theatre 2024

Our Pricing Structure

Our ticket pricing structure is a little different to what you may be used to. Instead of offering ‘Full Price’ and ‘Concession’ tickets we offer a ‘Standard’ ticket price with the options to pay more if you can afford it or pay less if you can’t.
Those of us with a larger amount of disposable income may be able to buy a ticket at the higher rate, meaning that those of us struggling with lower income or a particularly lean month can still come and see the show without having to worry if they qualify for a concession.
As a completely unfunded venue our ticket sales are our primary source of income so we ask that you think honestly and genuinely about what you can afford rather than just going for the cheapest option. This type of scheme has been piloted at other venues and has actually seen ticket revenue increase, it also makes the work more accessible to all areas of society.

"I am yet to encounter another theatre who welcome artists which such open arms and who are so committed to supporting their work" - Elizabeth Huskisson, Toska & Where Have All Our Women Gone? 2023

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