Our supporters

We couldn’t do what we do without our wonderful supporters! We are full of gratitude for the following people/companies.

Principal Partners


  • Cllr Simon Jeal

Directors Circle

  • Luke Lee, Paul Gabel, Alex Dee, Matty Foster

Wall Of Fame

  • John Godber, Jamie Eastlake


  • CURTAIN BUYERS: Bryan Pilkington, Bridget Kohner, Helen Hughes, Sharon Campbell, Alina Koldin, Katherine Lawrence, Graham Whitlock, Philip Taylor, Daniel Taylor
  • LAUNCH EVENTERS: Will Chegwidden, Edwin Lyons, Claire Gilbert, David Michael Booth, Helen Craik
  • SEAT SPONSORS: Conor Howell-Harte, Abigail Oaks, Wendy Natale, Colette Laws-Chapman, Rebecca Dilg, Tom Brooks, Karen Ratcliffe, Stephen Hayward, Emma Gray, Rohan Grove, Dan Avery, James Hillier, Jo Abram, Melissa Shirley Rose, Andrew Bladon, Marion Thomas, Duncan Gillies, fallentoofar, Meggie Roberts, Hadley Fraser & Rosalie Craig, Iris Shaw, Hannah Craik, Matthew Parker, Charlotte Price, Richard Fish, John Gregor, Felipe Pacheco, Brian Richardson
  • PATRON PAINTS: Verity Johnson, Steffie Garcia, Richard Taylor, Mary Ward
  • SEAT BUYERS: Brian Coyle, Alison Romaniw, Chris Harper, Simon Baker, Thomas Bird, Adam O'Brien
  • LITTLE BIRDIES: Gurdev Sohal, Esther Breithoff, Christopher O'Shaughnessy
  • CHIPPED IN: madaboutpanto, Linda Shoare, Raj Bajaj, Commercial Direct - Alpen Patel, Laura Peters, Susan Elkin, Steve Edwards, Rebecca Leadbitter, Stephanie Silver, Kraig Thornber, Greg Smith, Daniel Bottomley, Callum Hughes
  • DONATORS: Catherine Ramsay, Julian West, Paul Mawdesley, James Willis, Alison Romaniw, Meredith Morgan

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