Jen Ives - Peak Trans


As the public discourse on trans people becomes more toxic in the UK, comedian & trans-woman Jen Ives is here to sort it all out, hun. Is JK Rowling The Devil? Can a man love a trans woman and still be straight? And can she get away with taking maternity leave at work?

Jen is known for her often sideways look at what it means to be a trans woman today, as well as mischievous takes on her family, gay rights, self image & whatever else is on her mind.

She has recently written for BBC Radio 4 Extra, Dave, Pulped, as well as writing & performing in the multi-award nominated SeanceCast for HatTrick Productions. She has also written and starred in a sketch for Channel 4.

Sam Nicoresti - Flower, My Lovely (WIP)


Languish in the garden with green-thumbed psych-lord Sam Nicoresti as he tends to his plants and rotates the crops in this bucolic new hour about mystic death-cult snails, the ashes of the phoenix, and what it takes to flower.

Sam is a cult comedian whose shows have explored themes such as Jungian waking-nightmares and pan-dimensional ego-death, but who nonetheless is just a nice little lad really and quite an affable chap at heart.

He is a regular collaborator and cast member of comedy anti-competition The Glang Show, (“Joyful, wonderful fun” – The Guardian); one-half of far-brow double act Sam & Tom, (“Utterly unique.” – London Pub Theatres), and his previous work includes Bedtime (“Bursting from the womb of a tri-breasted Holy Madonna puppet” - The Mumble) and UFO (“Beck, but even odder” - Fest).

Expect characters, stories, music and gardening tips. This show is a Work-In-Progress.

@samnicoresti (twitter)

Alwin Solanky's WonderSplash


Alwin Solanky the man of a million masks, the enigma, the genius that plays us all for fools returns to perform a special one off gig.

Alwin has single handedly breathed life into the cold comedy bodies of award winning comedians Ben Target and Mark Dean Quinn for just long enough to perform. What that performance will be is hard to say but it will definitely be memorable.

What will Alwin do? Is the question we're all asking.
The truthful answer is we just don't know.

Alwin Solanky, Ben Target and Mark Dean Quinn are Edinburgh Comedy Award Nominated comedians but don't let that put you off.

Rhinoceros Improvoceros


Rhinoceros have been thrilling and inspiring audiences with their improv across the comedy circuit for over two years.

Rhinoceros are one of London's finest comedy improv teams made up of actors, writers and comedians who have appeared on stage, tv, radio and screen. The team will be performing witty scenes and comedy characters all on the back of a one-word suggestion from the audience. Just like the excuses you made for not doing your homework, the script is made up on the spot.

It’s like watching a live episode of 'Friends' but without the nice tooshies and fancy hair-dos.

Ali Brice and Benjamin Alborough: Risky Fizzness


Two chums (Ali and Ben) answer the age old question, 'Can it be carbonated?'.

Armed with a Sodastream and a variety of liquids of various viscosities they will do their best to add bubbles to whatever they can.

It's a dangerous job, but someone's GOT to do it.

That's Risky Fizzness!

@twicebrciebrice - Twitter/Instagram/TikTok/Facebook

Andy Barr - Collected Jokes, Poems and Thoughts 2010-2021


In 2020, Barr decided to take a break from the Fringe – which given that the Fringe took a break from Earth due to COVID-19, wasn't such a bad idea. Instead he has produced a more straight-down-the-line, no gimmicks, no props stand-up show collecting all of the unused (and still viable) work from 10 years in the game!

Collected Jokes, Poems and Thoughts 2010-2020 debuted at Leicester Comedy Festival in February 2020 and went on to play Cambridge and Prague Fringe Festivals in May 2020.

Thus far it has been reviewed zero times (cumulative star rating: ) but there is the hope that that will change.

Michael Akadiri - Not Ready For This (WIP)


Michael Akadiri is a fast rising, multi-award winning comedian. His natural charm and cheeky, observational style has already seen him make an impact on the UK comedy scene,
most recently winning the Komedia New Comedy Award.

He has written and performed sketch collaborations with LadBible and other broadcast credits include panel appearances on Times Radio and hosting on BBC Radio Kent. Of late, he has recorded stand up for ITV2’s Stand Up Sketch Show which will be broadcasted this autumn.

Despite his success on the circuit, he also finds himself as a junior doctor on the NHS front line. How did he get here? And now he's here, is he ready for this?
Find out how this 'sharp witted everyman' (Chortle) traverses the challenges of everyday life and his work in the NHS.

Komedia New Comedy Award 2020 Winner

'Sharp witted everyman, charismatic and in effortless control.' (Chortle)
'Expect to be laughing regularly at him in the future.' (Evening Standard)

@michaelakadiri (Instagram & Twitter)

Michael Brunström - One Thousand New Ideas Before Bedtime


Ever felt overwhelmed by your own thoughts? Over the past year, Michael Brunström has come up with more than 1000 new comedy ideas, and he will attempt to perform all of them in less than 60 minutes.

Michael Brunström is an award-winning alternative comedian, who has written and performed numerous solo shows, including "The Hay Wain Reloaded", "Parsley" and "The Great Fire of London".

"An artistic genius" – Skinny.

"Great, crazy, never to be forgotten comedy" – Scotsman.

Kate Hammer - Bear Feminism


Bears: they’re majestic but it’s dangerous to get too close.
Oh, wait, no–I meant feminists, human feminists.

This is a tale of a Canadian lady learning about the famously powerful creatures, about being seen as one, and using that raw bear energy to eat entire tables of food, impressing family and scared restaurant owners alike. Hammer combines sketch, stand-up, and personal storytelling to make a show that’s as good as gourmet honey, but less expensive.

Kate Hammer (Just for Laughs, POP Montreal), is an improvisor, writer, and performer–a sort of artistic haberdashery on two very small feet (making her easy to push over). She makes big topics feel effortless, even as she balances delicately on her exceedingly petit trotters. Performing in Canada, the U.S., and now living in the U.K., you'll want to catch this dynamic act before she runs for the stars on her worryingly compact hooves.


Yasmine Day - Songs in the Key of Me


After last year’s comeback concert extravaganza came to a blinding halt, power ballad diva Yasmine Day is back with another, better, comeback concert. (Twice better than the last comeback concert).

Yasmine spent the year in lockdown working on her fifth debut album, and she is finally ready to unleash it on the world with a raw and stripped back performance of her new songs. No bells or whistles, no smoke machine (it gave her pink eye), just Yasmine and her talented (but not as talented as her) pianist. 

"Alluring anecdotes, unique songs and fast jokes" Entertainment Focus

P.s. Albums will be on sale from the back of Yasmine’s Ford Mondeo at the end of the show.