31 Jul - 01 Aug


Blue & Pip

Moving, heartfelt, thought-provoking


31 Jul - 01 Aug


Blue & Pip

Moving, heartfelt, thought-provoking

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Blue loves the sea. Blue is sick. The doctors aren’t listening. And the sea is making the illness worse. As the pain grows, Blue and their wife, Pip, set out to find answers and get Blue to the sea before it all becomes unbearable.

From the award-winning writer of the five-star musical Rust comes a modern-day folktale exploring endometriosis, the patriarchal healthcare system and the ebbing of the tides.

Blue and Pip questions what it means when we both grieve and celebrate our bodies at the same time, and salutes the comfort we seek in our surroundings.

Blue & Pip is brought to you by Ella Pound Productions and Assistant Producer Vivian Wang.

Content Notices:

Discussions of pain
Medical dismissal of pain
mentions of vomiting/blood/fainting
discussions around (in)ability to have children
mentions of laparoscopy and hysterectomy surgery


Yaz O’Mahoney


Alix Addinall


Holly Mallett


Frederick Upton

Dani/Dr Roundel

Aria Baker

Moira/Dr Stone

Artistic Team


Penn Balint; Co-Directors: Shreya Ganesh Kumar, Vita Pearl


Helena Fox


Amberlilly Ewbank

Lighting Designer

Sameer Aggarwal

Sound  Designer

Amberlilly Ewbank

The Bridge House Theatre, 2 High Street, Penge, SE20 8RZ

Less than a minute from Penge West station. Also not far from Penge East and Crystal Palace stations. The theatre is situated on the first floor of the Bridge House Pub and is currently only accessible by stairs. If you have accessibility issues please email and we will do our best to assist you.

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