17-19 Jun


At War With Myself

Funny, original, thought-provoking


17-19 Jun


At War With Myself

Funny, original, thought-provoking

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‘Why go where you’re not wanted?’ So asks a gay theatre maker, who puts down the bottle to pick up a gun, recklessly joining the British Army whilst the LGBT+ ban was still callously enforced.

Inspired by actual events, Jon Hague, veteran of multiple deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan and Northern Ireland, raises the curtain on the unexpected consequences, often ludicrous, always emotive, of the inevitable conflict of cultures, personalities and ideologies when a thespian goes unscripted to war.

Whether considering depictions of military life, the impact of addiction, or how everyone can construct their own identities and narratives, the show will provide a considered analysis, founded in a unique lived experience, that challenges prevailing narratives of both LGBT+ identity, addiction and life in the army.

This production is supported by Arts Council England.


John Hague


Artistic Team


Lisa Millar


Jon Hague


Damien Stanton

Sound  Designer

Isa Suarez (And Composer)

The Bridge House Theatre, 2 High Street, Penge, SE20 8RZ

Less than a minute from Penge West station. Also not far from Penge East and Crystal Palace stations. The theatre is situated on the first floor of the Bridge House Pub and is currently only accessible by stairs. If you have accessibility issues please email and we will do our best to assist you.

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