5 - 9 Mar


The Importance Of Being Frank

Funny, moving, musical


5 - 9 Mar


The Importance Of Being Frank

Funny, moving, musical

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From the team that brought you THE MAN IN THE SHED and THE EAGLE AND THE SEAGULL comes a brand new play by award-winning writer Tim Connery

Meet Jimmy (Alex Dee), Thornton Heath’s only truly local Sinatra tribute act (available for weddings, funerals, birthday parties or any
events really), who is warming up for his latest gig with his young at heart accompanist, Charlie (Liam Connery).

Jimmy has Sinatra under his skin, but Charlie doesn’t view it with angel eyes.
They both give their shows their all, come rain or come shine, but their attitudes towards the future of the act are as different as night and day.

For Jimmy it’s all or nothing at all.
For Charlie it’s nice and easy.

Charlie, however, has high hopes of landing an agent, only the lonely Jimmy is against that idea.

Will the duo become strangers in the night?
Will either do something stupid?

Perhaps the best is yet to come…


Alex Dee


Liam Connery


Artistic Team


Alexander Donald


Tim Connery


Stage D'or

The Bridge House Theatre, 2 High Street, Penge, SE20 8RZ

Less than a minute from Penge West station. Also not far from Penge East and Crystal Palace stations. The theatre is situated on the first floor of the Bridge House Pub and is currently only accessible by stairs. If you have accessibility issues please email and we will do our best to assist you.

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